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At Emerald Necklace Martial Arts, we embrace martial arts training as a way of life, and teaching effective self-defense techniques is only a part of what do. Our primary goal is to introduce our members to the philosophies that permeate the martial arts, and to show people how to apply these principles to their everyday lives — outside of our school, and in ways that have very little to do with blocking, kicking, and punching. This, we believe, is the ultimate form of self-defense!

During our classes on the mat, we teach and practice those things we want to see in the world — things like respect, compassion, gratitude, patience, integrity, discipline, kindness, and responsibility. To earn a Black Belt at our dojo, you'll need to do a lot more than kick high, break boards, or memorize patterns. You'll need to become an "Artist of Life" by learning about the following subjects and how they relate to self-defense:
Warrior Traditions & History Warrior Traditions, History, and Mindset
Environmentalism Environmentalism and Conscious Consumption
Leadership & Community Leadership, Teamwork, and
Community Activism
Peace Education Peace Education and Skills for
Conflict Resolution
Fitness & Health Fitness, Wellness, and Healthy Living
Personal Growth Goal Setting, Visualization, and
Physical Training Physical Training for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

We love what we do during our karate, tai chi, kickboxing, and self-defense classes — and we do it very well. And the skills we teach you will help to keep you safe if you ever have to defend yourself "out on the street."

But we also believe that a comprehensive self-defense education is much more than teaching someone how to deal with a physical threat or attack. Because chances are it won't be a punch or a kick that harms you; it will be your diet, or your attitude, or your indifference — or how much time you spent at the office instead of at home with your loved ones.

The good news is you can do something about your life right now. Come train with us. Clean up your diet. Help and serve other people. Forgive. Nourish your personal relationships. Develop self-confidence and a sense of community. Hang out with people who are doing positive things in the world. Pursue excellence! Do some inner work, and then use your martial arts training to achieve something worthy — and entirely outside the realm of "fighting!"

Please explore the rest of our website, where we will tell you more about our art, our culture, and our classes. When you're finished, contact us so we can answer any questions you have — and tell you how to get started!

Our dojo is made up of happy, compassionate, interesting people. We consider our instructors and students to be part of the larger community's "village" of educators, mentors, and role models. We hope you’ll decide to join us!

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